Cook Islands

Wealth Management

The Cook Islands has been providing wealth management to individuals and families across the world for 40 years.

The Cook Islands offers modern, innovative and robust legislation together with service providers who bring experience and expertise to the structuring and management of private wealth.

Structures ranging from simple standalone vehicles to complex, sophisticated wealth management plans incorporating trusts, companies, foundations and partnerships to meet the needs of a global client base.

Cook Islands Trusts

Cook Islands Asset Protection Trusts, established pursuant to the International Trusts Act 1984, can be structured as discretionary trusts or with fixed income beneficiaries or for a purpose, whether charitable or non-charitable, and with powers being reserved to the settlor. The Cook Islands’ trust laws have made it a leader in the preservation and protection of wealth.


The Cook Islands provides flexible, easy to administer corporate vehicles, through its international and limited liability companies (LLC), that can form an integral part of a wealth management plan. The Cook Islands has developed a wealth protection framework through its legislation, with this important aspect of wealth management being evidenced in the Cook Islands’ International Companies Act 1981-82 and Limited Liability Companies Act 2008.


The Cook Islands has combined some of the technical and practical features of its trust and company legislation to provide a foundation that is internationally recognised, in civil and common law jurisdictions, for its flexibility and ease of administration.

Licensed Trustee Companies

Cook Islands licensed trustee companies are an integral part of wealth management in the Cook Islands. Non-residents seeking to access Cook Islands international financial services must engage a Cook Islands licensed trustee company. Licensed trustee companies offer a comprehensive range of wealth management services including establishing structures, providing trustee, corporate and administration services as well as accessing banking and investment opportunities.

Licensed Trustee Companies

Our Trust companies bring excellence, experience, expertise and integrity.