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Ships Registry

The Cook Islands operates an Open Register for all vessels including merchant and fishing vessels and commercial and private yachts. Upon registration, a vessel can fly the Cook Islands flag in international waters.

 Maritime Cook Islands Limited performs the Flag State responsibilities on behalf of the Cook Islands Ministry of Transport.

Maritime Cook Islands Limited (MCI) is a Cook Islands domestic company owned by resident Cook Islanders. It has been appointed by the Cook Islands Ministry of Transport, pursuant to the Ship Registration Act 2007, to administer the Cook Islands Ships Registry and promote the Cook Islands Ships Register in accordance with the terms of the Act. 

Annual fees are charged based on each vessel’s tonnage and additional fees are charged for administration services provided.

MCI is represented globally in: USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, China, Sweden, Russia, Panama, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Ireland, Korea, Uruguay, Marshall Islands, and South Africa.