Our Islands

The Cook Islands is comprised of 15 islands situated at the heart of the South Pacific, northeast of New Zealand and south of Hawaii, covering approximately 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean.

The Cook Islands is a self-governing nation with its own written constitution. It is a sovereign state but in free association with New Zealand. It has a Westminster styled parliamentary system with democratic elections held every five years. The political parties are each relatively centrist without interference from extreme political ideologies or religious beliefs or military threat.

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government with the Head of State being His Majesty King Charles III by his appointed representative in the Cook Islands, the Governor General. The Governor General holds executive power.

The Cook Islands’ legal system is founded on English common law. There is a hierarchy of courts comprising a High Court and Court of Appeal with the ultimate appellate court being the Privy Council in London sitting in right of the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands’ High Court and Court of Appeal judges are experienced New Zealand judges who provide independence. They apply Cook islands law and have jurisdiction over all criminal and civil matters.

The Cook Islands is -10 GMT, sitting 6 hours behind New York and 18 hours behind Hong Kong/ Singapore, placing it in an ideal location to do business each working day with clients from the east and west. Despite its relative isolation, the Cook Islands is very accessible by air, sea and through modern technology.

Visit the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation website for more information on the Cook Islands.