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Global Island News Interview

2015 Sept: Tamatoa Jonassen, CEO of the Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority was recently interviewed by Global Island News relating to the financial services industry in the Cook Islands.

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Order Designating Foreign Governments

2015 Sept: The Financial Institution (Provision of Customer Information) Act 2013 ("Act") passed in 2013 was designed to remove legislative barriers which prevent Banks and Trust Companies that operate in the Cook Islands from providing to the tax authorities of other countries i

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Cook Islands' Global Forum Phase 2 Peer Review Press Release

A positive Phase 2 Peer Review reinforces the strength of the Cook Islands' regulatory environment and commitment to meeting its international obligations.

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2014 Trustee Companies Act Release

The Cook Islands Parliament passed the Trustee Companies Act 2014 which will improve the Financial Supervisory Commission's ability to carry out its functions in line with current international standards.

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