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The Cook Islands is able to offer excellent legal resources to assist clients, both resident and non-resident, with their legal requirements. Lawyers admitted to practice in the Cook Islands are members of the Cook Islands Law Society established pursuant to the Law Practitioners Act 1993-94. The Act provides for the functions of the Law Society, admission procedures for barristers and solicitors, disciplinary and trust account obligations and the establishment of a Council of the Law Society. It also provides for a Code of Ethics.

All of the licensed trustee companies have in house legal counsel able to assist with a client’s, and his/her advisor’s, understanding of Cook Islands legal requirements and wealth management planning. However, where independent Cook Islands legal advice is required, there are a number of qualified lawyers able to assist. 


Tim Arnold P.C. 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 23 569 
Fax: +682 23 568 


Tina Browne & Karen Harvey 
Browne Harvey & Associates P.C.
PO Box 429 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 24 567 
Fax: +682 24 561 


Katherine Fitzgerald 
Barrister & Solicitor 
PO Box 2145 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 23 699 
Cell (CI): +682 80 586 
Cell (NZ): +64 21844469 


Bret Gibson 
Gibson's Law P.C. 
PO Box 144 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 24 828 
Fax: +682 21 567 


Charles Little & Heinz Matysik 
Little & Matysik P.C. 
PO Box 167 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 21 619 
Fax: +682 21 615 


Tony Manarangi Barrister & Solicitor 
PO Box 514 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 23 840 
Fax: +682 23 843 


David McNair 
David McNair P.C. 
PO Box 3104 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 21 514 
US Phone: +1 949 734-5216 
Fax: +682 21 615 
Web: David McNair PC


Martha Henry 
Mason P.C. 
PO Box 325 
Rarotonga, Cook Islands 
Phone: +682 26 608 

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