Service Providers

In the Cook Islands, the core service providers of international trust and financial services are licensed Trustee Companies. The trust companies provide a full range of trustee and corporate services. They also provide a wide array of administrative services to allow centralized and efficient operation of client structures. There are also local law firms, banks, accounting firms, and other ancillary service providers (including protector services) available to assist clients with their international financial structures.

Trustee Companies
Internationally renowned for the quality of their services and expertise.
Local connections, international access.
Law Firms
Decades of experience in and understanding of complex international financial services.
Maritime Registry
Saving shipowners time and money.
Chartered Accountants with the ability to navigate clients financial situations.

The jurisdiction also has a strong Maritime Registry with representatives in countries all over the world, including China. As the client composition of the jurisdiction continues to diversify, the integration of multinational wealth and corporate services in an international best practices framework strengthens the quality of industry work.

If you are interested in becoming a service provider in the Cook Islands, please contact Tamatoa Jonassen.