The Cook Islands: Ideal Location.
Strong Legislation. Outstanding People.

A leading international finance center for nearly thirty years, the Cook Islands is a prime choice for sophisticated international services for the most discerning wealthy clients and corporate entities. Located in the South Pacific northeast of New Zealand, east of Tahiti, and south of Hawaii, the country comprised of fifteen islands and 13,000 people boasts an ideal location and a global client reach for its legal and financial services.

Part of the British Commonwealth, the Cook Islands has a stable Parliamentary system of democratic government. Popular with clients of countries with a Common Law legal system, the jurisdiction also attracts an increasing number of clients from Civil Law jurisdictions due to the country's strong legislation related to international financial services.

More about the Cook Islands

Close ties with New Zealand allow the Cook Islands access to the New Zealand judiciary from which it draws its judges in the High Court. This ensures a sophisticated and fair justice system providing confidence to the corporate entities and individuals who use the international financial services of the jurisdiction. Visit Cook Islands.