Banking & Insurance


The international banks in the Cook Islands provide clients with a full range of services, including access to exceptional private banking options. Often, the banks serve as a gateway from a client's Cook Islands entity to the world's banking centers. There is no requirement that local banks be used in conjunction with Cook Islands international entities. Typically a client chooses a bank or already has established relationships and can continue to use those with whom they are most comfortable. All of the trust companies have relationships with a range of highly reputable international banks allowing access by clients to a world of investment opportunities. Click here to find more information on banks located in the Cook Islands.


The amalgamation of domestic and international insurance services into the Insurance Act 2008 has resulted in a shift in the international insurance level of business. Demand has increased for captive insurance with specific provisions and the Cook Islands has enacted new captive insurance legislation in 2013. Some of the trust companies also operate private insurance companies to accommodate client needs. All have long-established relationships with international insurers.